The Security Policy of EU and Turkey


The Security Policy of EU and Turkey

After The Cold World War and  September 11 , the security relations have begun the change and Security threats have earned an international qualification, had a more complex structure. With the globalization of insecurity all over the world  have had to look for new strategies of international actors. EU began to develop a new security policies opposite to thesecurity threats. The CFSP was established within the framework of  the Maastricht and Amsterdam Treaties. Briefly explain the main objectives of this created policy;

  •  Protecting the common values, the fundamental interests and  the integrity and independence ​​of the European Union.
  • Ensure the safety of the Union
  • Maintain peace and security
  •  Strengthen the international security,
  • Enhance the international cooperation,
  • Provide democracy and the rule of law,
  • Ensure the respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms.


All of these objectives to be completed successfully, Union should act with the common interests. Union members have  the different priorities, interests and worldviews, prevents reaching a consensus on security. In addition an effective security policy depend increase its military capabilities and financing of the EU member states. And All member countries should show the same desire and effort. Otherwise, the EU will suffer from divisions within itself. On the other hand, the subject of the struggle with security threats, as well as the military power use of soft power elements such as diplomatic and financial shares and information sharing and police operations .In this context, Turkey is becoming a very important state in terms of its geopolitical position, the military power, and experience.

The Turkish armed forces fight against terrorism for many years and still continues. In addition, Turkey lived experiences of terror trying to transfer to other countries through diplomaciy, education and training.

In addition, Turkey is Muslim and democratic country, thus EU will express itself the better, and expand to other Muslim countries. In the environment threatened by global terrorism, this situation is very important.

Turkey’s role in post-September 11 has increased even more, especially in terms of increasing the fight against terrorism and cross-cultural interaction. Joschka Fischer, the old German minister, his explaination in the Bild Newspaper, emphasized the role of Turkey and summarized form the Turkey is Europe’s central building block.  Turkey’s geographical location, ports and other facilities essential for the EU. And consequently in this respect Turkey’s membership is also extremely important.

Turkey’s EU membership will help to develop towards the south and south-east.compatible with the EU’s emerging security strategy. Because, the source of threats for the EU as shown in this region.

In this context, Britain’s foreign minister Jack Straw said that;

“Turkey has played a key role in securing a ülkedir.Birlik Europe is an important market for exporters.Also, Turkey has an important role in terms of the struggle human trafficking, drug trafficking and the cross-border crime.Keeping our promises to Turkey, the European Union a stronger, more secure, and bring a more competitive position. ”

In addition, Turkey’s second largest land forces in NATO after the United States and has the fifth-largest the Naval Forces. The objectives of CFSP understood the importance of Turkey in peacekeeping. Because the Turkish army   has continued to send  to ensure peace and security in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Albania, Montenegro, Macedonia, Somalia, Afghanistan and Lebanon within the scope of the UN and NATO.

Turkey is strategically important for the EU, Located at the intersection of regional. Which means that the “buffer zone”. Balkans, Central Asia, the Middle East and the Eastern Mediterranean lands, Asia, land and air transportation, Russia and Ukraine is a transit for maritime transport.

Turkey’s neighbors is very important for the EU. Turkey is an important actor in terms of economy and population.

As a result, Turkey’s EU membership has a great importance about of the struggle against the security threats that indicated in CFSP. Because of Turkey’s geographical position, in terms of military power and the experiences and vision of its indisputable contribution to international security level.

Cevap Yaz